Hand Painted Chevron Accent Wall


I’m one of those weird people that thrive on a serious challenge.  Staring at my bright orange walls one morning I decided I needed to paint.   I’ve been obsessed with turquoise and grey for a while now and the chevron pattern has begun accenting many aspects of my life, from my phone case to my sheets.  So I figured why not paint it on a wall.


The method seemed obvious to me, measure out a grid pattern of dots on my wall (I settled on thirty inches horizontally and five inches vertically) and basically “connect the dots” in the chevron pattern.  The tricky part was when I reached the bottom and had some partial lines to make, but I solved that by making small triangles five inches from the line above.  Once it was all taped out I painted the turquoise over the grey I’d picked out but AS IF THAT WEREN’T ENOUGH I took it a step further and hand painted a tiny line of a glossy, muted yellow on the bottom of each chevron.  Following you’ll see my masterpiece.  I wake up every day, look at this wall, and pat myself on the back, it’s a total ego boost to be able to be proud of yourself at least once a day.



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