Farming in an urban setting

One day I was looking at my back yard, and I couldn’t help but notice how large and useless it was.  Sitting there all vast and green.

The soil needed tilling, huge rocks had to be picked up and moved, two by fours had to be driven into the ground, wire fence wrapped around it.  Seeds needed sowing, squirrels needed shooing, I needed all of it.  In one weekend in April the site of my very first micro farm was readied.  Over the next few weeks I planted seeds, a few weeks later I put in some starter plants like lettuce and kale.

And now I check up on the garden every morning and every evening. Whoever said watching grass grow was boring has never beheld pea shoots becoming long curling vines with beautiful pink flowers at the ends.

“The sleep of plants must be a very light one, and stirred by many ambitious dreams”

William Beebe