Paleo Eggplant Bites

Since I began cooking I’ve always looked for substantial replacements for meatballs, so I began making eggplant “meat” balls.  Since my Paleo lifestyle change I’ve missed these hearty bites that can be put on anything from salads to wraps, so I’ve replaced the quinoa I originally used with cauliflower, my new favorite versatile vegetable.

What you need:

1 eggplant

1 head of cauliflower, stalk removed cut into bite sized florets

flax meal

1 egg

curry powder, garlic salt, ginger, cumin, pepper


1. Poke holes in eggplant with a fork all over, place on baking sheet and roast at 350 until the eggplant collapses on itself, about 1 hour (faster methods: skin, cube, and roast or saute until soft)

2. While eggplant cooks, places cauliflower bits into food processor and pulse until the pieces are as small as bulgur and it’s light and fluffy.

3. Transfer cauliflower to large saute pan (no need for oil) and saute, stirring frequently, for 7-10 minutes.

4. Place cauliflower into a large mixing bowl, add about 1/2 teaspoon of each spice (or as much as you’d like)

5. Remove the eggplant from the oven and wait until it is cool enough to handle, then scoop out the inside with a spoon, place in the food processer and pulse until a somewhat smooth texture is achieved. (chunks are exciting, leave ’em)

6. Add eggplant and egg to cauliflower mixture and mix with hands until well combined, sprinkle flax meal as needed so balls hold together. Prepare baking sheet with parchment paper and roll mixture into one inch balls and place onto sheet.  Be sure none are touching, air needs to circulate.

7. Bake for 20 minutes, when outsides are lightly browned, use a spatula to carefully turn each one, bake an additional ten minutes keeping a close eye so none burn.

8. When you remove them from the oven you can eat them hot or cold (when I come home from work I’ll eat a couple cold if I’m really hungry).  Put them in wraps, over spaghetti squash, or in a salad.